Your Perfect Gown

How to find your perfect wedding dress:

ENJOY!– This experience is supposed to be fun. Come in with an open mind and a positive attitude and we will make sure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

OPINIONS– The only one that counts is yours! Based on your feedback, your consultant will eliminate styles you do not like to find that special gown. Don’t judge a dress on the hanger, they all look different when tried on.

TIME– Depending on the designer, the arrival of your gown can take from 3 to 6 months. Once you find the perfect dress, do not hesitate to order as gowns can be discontinued with no notice. A 50% deposit is required prior to ordering with the balance due in 90 days.

DECIDE– Once you find the perfect dress…Stop Looking! Our consultants will help guide you through the buying process but will never pressure you to make a decision.

MEASUREMENTS– Once you decide to order, measurements will be taken and a size will be recommended to ensure the best fit. However, the size ordered is completely the bride’s decision. We highly recommend ordering for your current size as all special orders are a final sale. Customization of your gown is available from several designers.

FITTINGS– The bride will be notified upon arrival of her gown. Gowns are not custom made and in most cases will require several fittings for hem, bustle and a basic nip and tuck. Allow adequate time to schedule approximately 3 fittings before your gown is ready to be picked up.

BUDGET– We have an extensive selection of gowns to suit any budge. Be realistic and allow room for alterations and wedding accessories.