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Reneé Rawson

Mimi’s was my first stop after I got engaged. Because I was living in Nashville at the time, I wanted to look there and did not expect to find one at Mimi’s. I happened to be in Laurel visiting my then fiancé, and it was more for the fun of looking. The staff was so incredibly nice and helpful…and patient! I had no idea what style I was looking for. It was still very early in my engagement, and the shock/excitement had not worn off. I literally fell in love with the 3rd dress I tried on. I thought to myself, I will find this dress in Nashville –which really made sense because that’s where I was living! I did find the dress in Nashville, but the experience was just not the same. I really wanted to give by business to Mimi’s, so I told them my predicament. They made the price just right, and I left one happy bride with the dress of my dreams (and accessories)- the one that really made me feel like a bride.

Photo by: Addie Talley